The Architectural Concepts of This Russian Tony Stark Are Too Awesome


Vasily Klyukin is a Russian born architect, designer and businessman currently residing in Monaco. He has achieved great acclaim for his world-class designs of towers and skyscrapers.

He was inspired to design skyscrapers after dreaming one up called the Monaco Comet. His main idea is the pronounced individuality and the unique shape of his buildings, in order to make each building internationally recognizable.

Vasily’s vision is not about designing buildings, but creating landmarks. His goal is to show how a landmark can change the city and be useful.

He recently decided to profess his love for architecture in a unique way with a beautifully designed pavilion that looks like a bouquet of roses. This pavilion concept draws inspiration from nature and is meant to be multi-functional rather than serving one specific purpose.

Here are some of the pictures of the amazing pavilion.

Pavilion of Roses

This Is A Modern Architectural Marvel

The Lighting Effects Make It More Astounding

Just Too Good For Words

Getting Imagination to Reality

A Master of Modern Art