Artist Crafts and Hides Giants Made From Wood in the Wilderness


Thomas Dambo is a Danish artist who specializes in making furniture, sculptures, mural art, scenography and interactive art installations from recycled materials. Thomas sees the creative potential of discarded material and is able to create something beautiful out of them. He also gives a lot of speeches about upcycling and arranges workshops for schools, companies and other organizations, teaching people to build stuff from trash.

To create the giant sculptures, Thomas scavenges for old wood and upcycled materials everyday in his home town of Copenhagen. Over the last three years, he and his team of volunteers have made 25 huge recycled sculptures around the world. The team not only design and construct these amazing, delightful sculptures, but they also make them in a way so they interact with the environment that surrounds them.

He has recently hidden six giants in the wilderness of Copenhagen for you to find. The artist usually hides his sculptures in places that are not frequented by people, meaning that you’ll have to travel off the beaten path to discover them. Thomas creates treasure maps to help people locate his hidden wonders. Poems are also engraved onto the stones near each sculpture and give hints on how to find the different giants.

Locating his massive works of art isn’t easy, but you’ll realize it’s well worth the effort when you come face-to-face with one. Thomas hopes that his art will inspire people to see the huge potential in recycling and waste less of the world’s resources.

Made From Recycled Wood

Oscar Under The Bridge

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Little Tilde

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Hilltop Trine

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