Catch them Young: Meet the Olympic Team of 2032

The Olympians we look up to today were once children. They are talented and their parents helped groom them into the champions they are today.  
This is how we think the Olympic team in year 2032 will look like.
This will be the greatest Olympic team of all-time!
The policy is to spot talent, catch them young and train them.
These tiny tots’ talents are awesome and they can give a run for the money for some seasoned athletes!
Different countries have different programs, setting their sights on Gold!
A look inside one of China’s elite sports school shows children as young as four being honed and perfected for future success in the Olympic Games in 2032
Parenting website Fatherly is celebrating those moments with a video of future Olympians and the parents who encouraged them along the way. 
Watch for 2-year-old gymnast Arat Hosseini, slugger 4-year-old baseball player Eston Haskiell, golfer Michael Patton, seen playing in 2013 at 3 years old and a pretty amazing pint-size boxer. 
This video has been a huge hit with Fatherly’s audience of millennial dads with millions of views in just a few days. 
The video, which features a baby freestyle swimmer, toddler table tennis player and pint-size boxer (the future stars of the 2032 Olympic team), has been a hit with Fatherly’s audience of millennial dads, garnering 33 million views on Facebook since it was posted last week. 
2032 is just 15 years away. You will live to tell that you watched the champs of 2032 Olympics as toddlers who showed great promise.