Clay Creations Of This Man Proves That He Is Able Not Disabled

“If you really want something .. Nothing can stop you ..
It’s about nothing except you !” – Gehad Badr

There are many stories out there about perseverance and determination that inspire us to go achieve our goals.

But the story of this Beijing man will prove that disability really has no limits, and if you really want to do something there is nothing that can come in your way.

Amidst a busy and popular bar street in Beijing China, stands a man with no hands but impresses walkerbys with his amazing clay figures.

He makes a living by selling his clay figures on a stick that have intricate detailing.

The most fascinating part is you pay as you wish, there is no set amount or cost of any of the clay figures.

His figures range from beautiful red roses to characters like doremon and teddy bears.

He works so swiftly and his attention to details are great.

This just proves that if you really want to do something no disability can stop you.