These Cute Little Parrot Brothers Are Ridiculously Adorable


Birds such as parrots, parakeets and cockatiels are extremely social and need constant companionship in order to become happy and healthy birds. Fabio and Gabriel are two Indian Ringneck parakeets who share an inseparable bond. They’re blood brothers, born a year apart to the same parents. Watching the playful antics of these two is a real source of joy and entertainment for the owner.

The brothers can do a lot more than just greeting each other with kisses. They love playing in and around the cage, cuddling each other, chasing each other, squabbling, calling each other’s names and even have hilarious chats asking each other “what are you doing?” They seem to be well trained by their owner and get along very well.

Little wonder that parakeets make such wonderful pets. With these two little brothers, each day is filled with fun, joy and love. Watch the video of the cute little birdies below.