Super-Dad Goes The Extra Mile To Make His Daughter’s Breakfast Exciting


Adam Perry, who is a drummer for the Bloodhound Gang is slowly gaining popularity in social media, not for his drumming but for his unique skill of creating toast sculptures. Adam, who is a father to two daughters, realized that making breakfast exciting is tough and even tougher when you have food allergies as the choices are really sparse.

His youngest daughter Scarlett suffers from severe food allergies and can only eat a daily breakfast of white toast with a certain sunflower oil spread. Every day Adam makes breakfast for his two girls while his partner, Helen, gets them ready for school. Adam began to feel really sorry about making the same boring breakfast for his daughter everyday and has gone the extra mile to make his daughter’s breakfast exciting.

His edible masterpieces are created using only two slices of toast, soy butter and golden syrup as “glue”. The super-dad has created more than 300 sculptures so far, ranging from mundane objects like chairs and schoolbags to more extraordinary creations like animals and famous landmarks.

Adam’s creativity is no doubt helping Scarlett shake some of her fears about trying new foods. After sharing his awesome creations on social media, Adam has been blown away by all the positive reactions and praise from parents who have kids with similar conditions. All we can say is that Scarlett is one lucky girl to have such a cool dad!

A Vintage Scooter

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The Robot Looks Terrific

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A Gymnast

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Taj Mahal

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An Elephant

This is Epic!

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