This Designer Creates Handbags That Will Keep You Drooling

The trend of combining food and fashion has only been growing in the recent past.

Netherlands based designer Rommy Kuperus has been working on creating a style statement that is going to make all the ladies out there hungry.

She has been creating food inspired accessories for two years now. But her handbags are absolute show stoppers. These delectable looking bags will only make you want to invest in one very soon.

Relish this feast to your eyes:

Can’t wait to take a bite of this delicious cake

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“New Look: Sweetness Overload”

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For those who are already cookie craving

A breakfast lover’s delight

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We all scream for ice cream


Macaron Magic




We are already hungry

Wasn’t that more than enough to drool us. Lucky for us, there is the option of worldwide shipping so you can pick upi your very own delicious looking statement from her shop.

All Images: @rommydebommy