Food-On-the-Go: This Time Get Grilled Goodies on a BBQ Bike

With all the recent innovations happening in the hospitality industry we know that the world is just getting more and more creative. With food trends that involve adding Sushi as en element to everything – even doughnuts for that matter, it has just made it more interesting for us to look forward to all the latest food trends.

We have seen food trucks serving creative versions or food hybrids that will make your mind boggle but you wouldn’t have seen this new invention by Bangalore based brother’s before. A bbq on a motor bike. No, we not at all kidding.

Two brothers, Arun and Krishna, are known in the food truck scene in Bangalore for a bit now for having  three tempo travellers as a food truck and an ice cream joint out of a nano car.

But their recent craze of grilling on a Royal Enfield is just out of the box. This is definitely India’s first BBQ bike food chain, BBQ RIDE.

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In ten minutes they set up the grill, and fire up some BBQ chicken legs , chicken strips, and a selection of wraps and burgers.

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The most unbelievable is that they can fire upto 200 meals from one bbq bike ride, given the fact that they carry all the ingredients in the side car.

This unique idea of attaching a grill to a bullet is catching the attention of many passerbys.

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The next time your visiting Bangalore you know where to get to enjoy a good Barbecue meal.

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