Forget Mega-Yachts – This Floating Island is the Billionaire’s New Toy


Designers at Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts have revealed their plans to build a private floating habitat based on semi-submersible platforms with a level of luxury that rivals a four-star resort. Known as “Kokomo Ailand,” this floating paradise can be moved under its own power to any getaway spot you choose.

Billionaires who’re getting bored of their typical yachts can now look forward to adding the Kokomo Ailand in their list of expensive toys. The design features state-of-the-art mega-yacht amenities and the dramatic flair of an exotic island. With an overall length of 117-meters and a beam of 78-meters, the owners won’t be stuck for space.

Features include: a 260-feet penthouse suite that offers 360-degree views, a deck with a pool and barbecue; spa and beauty salons, a helipad and massive storage for tenders and toys. The island also has a mini-harbor, should the wealthy owners want to keep their yacht close at hand.

Perhaps the most exotic feature of this island is the jungle deck that includes palm trees, waterfalls and so-called vertical gardens to revel in nature. Other amenities include a garden deck for dining amidst the seafaring air, a station for shark-feeding and two beach clubs.

Based on proven technology that Migaloo have available, the company says that the floating island can also be used for commercial purposes – perfect for a high-class hotel, company headquarters or casino.

Kokomo Yacht Island Concept

The Mobile Island is Equipped With a Helipad

The Penthouse is 260-feet above Sea Level