Gorgeous Night Skies From Around The World


The magnificence of the night sky and its endless beauty is something that we can never stop admiring. Stars sparkling like crystals, auroras that look like curtains of light and vivid fireballs streaking across the sky are some of the dazzling celestial displays that leave us awestruck from time to time.

A clear and cloudless night is just what every photographer needs to get to their cameras and start photographing the night sky in all its beauty. While low level lights make night photography challenging, it is also quite rewarding. For night photographers, there is nothing more captivating than the sight of the moon, the stars and other celestial bodies illuminating the skies.

Get ready to feast your eyes on some of the most breathtaking photos of night skies captured from around the world. The next time you’re gazing out of your window, you’ll realize that each and every image is an extraordinary reflection of the universe’s splendor.

Orlock Aurora

Orlock Aurora

Harz, Germany

Am Anfang...

Beautiful Skyscapes

S k y s c a p e s

Aurora in Kvaefjord, Norway

Auora over Kvæfjorden--10

Mililani, Hawaii

Mililani Night Sky

Looks Like it Belongs in a Gallery


Beautiful Sky in Borneo


Violet Night Sky

Repetidor Carrasqueta

[Images: @flickr]