Watch How Happiness Depends on Your Attitude to Life


Either You are Happy or not Happy!

It is in our attitude to life that we can find despair or true happiness for ourselves.
Happiness is often misunderstood as acquiring something that we long for, like a better-paid job, new car, new house, and we would be happy. However, two people with the same physical state can have very different levels of happiness; one can be content with what he has while the other upset about what more he could have. So in this sense, happiness is not a physical state, but a mental state: a state of mind, an attitude.
Happiness is a choice about how we think about our situation.  There are happy people despite living in poverty or being sick, while there are unhappy people despite being rich and healthy.  Our situation may influence how we feel, but it does not dictate how we feel; thus, all emotions, including happiness, is a state of mind.
Happiness also comes from a heart of gratitude. When you are grateful for what you have and express your gratitude to the Heavens above, you’re blessed with happiness.  Happiness also glows from within when you are happy for someone else!

Watch this award winning short film which so beautifully expresses that Happiness is an Attitude to Life!

My shoes Best Short movie.mp4 from whiteknightlove on Vimeo.