A Heart-touching Story about “Happiness In Sharing”


This is a heart-touching story about a young guy who is largehearted and goes about touching the lives of people around him with kindness. He also gladly shares his food with a stray dog. It comes naturally for him to lend a helping hand to the needy and also something as thoughtful as keeping a potted plant under water dripping from a building.

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He quietly goes about doing his good Samaritan act without waiting for any acknowledgment or even a thank you gesture. In the end, we see all the people whose lives he has touched wanting to hug him and show their appreciation. He is moved when he sees the little girl begging on the street corner now dressed in a school uniform smiling at him shyly.             Sometimes, a well-executed advertising commercial has the power to move you and awaken the feeling of compassion for everyone around you.