Indian child prodigy plays piano like a Master


The child prodigy’s name is Lydian Nadhaswaram.

The son of Chennai-based music director Varshan, this pre-teen sensation’s skill on the piano is out of the ordinary, given his age.
Even though his fingers are not big enough to reach the octaves, as pointed out by his father, his piano-playing ability will leave you stumped.
10-year-old Lydian playing ‘Fantasie-Impromptu’, originally by Polish composer and pianist Fredrick Chopin, has gone viral on the internet, and for good reason!

For all of us who have never seen or heard a young Bach or Mozart or Debussy practicing or playing, this young man’s control and composure on the instrument makes you wonder if he’s on the same page with them.

There is a belief in India that child prodigies are reincarnation of souls who could not achieve what  they were ordained for and are considered the chosen ones of Goddess Saraswati.

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