How Jennifer Bricker, the gymnast without legs wrote her own success story


Jennifer Bricker was born without legs because of a birth defect. Abandoned by her biological parents because they thought they could not afford her medical expenses, she was adopted by the amazing Sharon and Gerald Bricker who already had three healthy sons. It was their incredible love and caring that gave Jennifer her self-belief. They did not put any limit to her dreams!

Jen Bricker when she was a baby. She was raised in the small town of Oblong, Illinois, by adoptive parents Sharon and Gerald Bricker and three older brothers

Gerald Bricker noticed that Jennifer Bricker as a kid had a passion for tumbling and gymnastics. So he would place Jennifer on a trampoline and she would enjoy herself doing the flip. Being a natural athlete she taught herself to swim and roller-skate on her hands by her own. By the age of 7, Bricker started playing softball and three years later, she took up tumbling followed by Volleyball. But from the very start, her heart was set on gymnastics. She was always ready for challenges which very soon catapulted her into an accomplished acrobat and aerialist.

Jen who now lives in Studio City, California, says she was always taught to believe she could do anything, and she grew up to excel in a range of sports, including basketball, softball and volleyball

She loved tumbling on the trampoline with her dad and watching famous gold medalist, Dominique Moceanu on television. The family put her in tumbling and she won state titles and competed in the Junior Olympics.

Jennifer competed in the Junior Olympics and even won a State Championship in tumbling competing against able-bodied people

Jennifer always knew she was adopted but didn’t inquire about her adoption until she was 16 years old. That’s when she found out the biggest news of her life; her childhood idol, Dominique Moceanu, was her biological sister.

Jennifer Bricker pictured right, said she was ‘drawn’ to Dominique Moceanu, pictured left, from the age of six – long before she found out they were sisters

However it took 4 years for Jennifer to finally reach out to Moceanu by sending her a letter in December 2007. A few weeks later, Jennifer’s phone rang. Dominique Moceanu was on the other end. Jennifer said, ‘I was taken aback. I could not believe I was hearing her voice.’ The sisters now share a close bonding and continue to marvel at their similarities.

Jen has already enjoyed an incredible career. She insists that ‘can’t’ is a word that is not in her vocabulary

Currently living in Los Angeles, Jennifer Bricker has added a successful career as a motivational speaker to her list of accomplishments, including being featured in one of the well-renowned Ted Talks and as part of Britney Spears tours. Bricker continues to perform in aerial arts and hopes to inspire & motivate others to believe that anything in life is truly possible.

Jennifer Bricker is an inspiration and a glowing example of what true grit and self-belief can achieve. In Jennifer’s own words she says how her foster parents had instilled in her to always keep out can’t from her vocabulary!                                                                                                                                                                   Courtesy:

The Amazing Story of Jen Bricker from J Z on Vimeo.