Kansas Farmer calls his cattle home by playing a song


Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg, 35, calls his herd together by playing on the trombone.

He sits on a beach chair and plays to an open field. Slowly but surely, dozens of heifers start popping up on the horizon and come steadily approaching over the hill. It is almost like the story of the Pied Piper, but this time around instead of rats it is a herd of cows!!

After they’re just a few yards away, they stop and stand at attention as he finishes the song.

But Klingenberg told the Daily News the animals were actually more interested in a snack made of molasses that he was about to give them, rather than his trombone skills.

When they hear it they know they’re getting a treat.

The Peabody resident said he has been playing the instrument since the fifth grade but only started performing for the cattle a few weeks ago.

“When they hear it they know they’re getting a treat,” he said. “They’re curious. They’re a good audience.”