Meet Lakshmi, The Elephant Whose Musical Performance Will Wow You

This elephant in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is quite a stunner.

11-year-old temple elephant, Lakshmi has been a part of Aravindalochanar temple for a decade now.

This elephant was as sent to the Indian temple from Yalpanam in Sri Lanka when was one year old according to

Known for her amazing musician skills this elephant plays the mouth organ.

Lakshmi, who learnt the instrument from her mahout , R Balan mastered the skill in just one year and now plays to his command and grooves to the tunes.

The mouth organ is usually placed on the tip of her trunk and she blows in and out of it rhythmically producing a harmonious tune while nodding her head and tapping her feet which looks like a dance piece.

This elephant has made it a ritual to  perform in front of the deity twice a day for 30 minutes each, once every morning and once every night. Visitors of the temple are mind blown by Lakshmi’s spectacular performance.

Lakshmi has also become a centre of attraction for visitors at a 48 -day rejuvenation camp.

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