Natural Arches And Bridges From Around The World


Ask any architect and they will tell you that there is no greater inspiration for them than Mother Nature. One of nature’s masterpieces that never cease to amaze us are natural arches and bridges.

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful bridges and arches from around the world.


Aloba Arch, Chad

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Aloba Arch is truly one of the most magnificent natural arches in the world and is located in central Africa.

Landscape Arch, Utah

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Located in the Devils Garden section of Arches National Park, this is the thinnest arch in the world.

Rainbow Bridge, Utah

This majestic bridge is made from Navajo sandstone and has a span of 74 meters and height of 75 meters.

Shipton’s Arch, China

This is the highest known natural arch in the world and is taller than the Empire State Building.

Moon Hill, China

The Moon Hill arch may not be the biggest bit it certainly ranks among the most beautiful arches in the world.

Pont d’Arc, France

This bridge crosses the Ardeche River in Southern France and is the largest natural arch in Europe.

Azure Window, Malta

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The structure was created after two sea caves collapsed. This limestone arch is a popular spot for scuba diving.

Fairy Bridge, China

Image Source: @hdwallpaperpc
[Image Source: @hdwallpaperpc]
The Fairy Bridge in China may not be your typical tourist destination. The bridge has a span of 122 meters and is the longest in the world.