Nemo’s Garden: The World’s First Underwater Farm


In a bid to tackle the issues of food shortage and unviable land, agriculture has seen the evolution of vertical farming and rooftop gardens. However, a farm underwater may sound like something from a science fiction novel. In a bid to explore alternative methods of growing produce, an Italian company has built the world’s first underwater farm.

The farm, named Nemo’s Garden is located 100-meters off the coast of Noli, Italy. Sergio Gamberini, president of Ocean Reef Group, came up with the idea of growing plants under the sea while on a vacation in Italy. He immediately started experimenting, sinking transparent, air-filled biospheres into the sea.

In the 5 transparent biospheres at the bottom of the sea, different plants like basil, lettuce, strawberries, garlic and beans are being grown. The greenhouses are taking advantage of the constant underwater temperatures and abundant carbon-dioxide to grow. The plants are kept hydrated by drips of water that condense on the inner walls of the biospheres.

The project is part of an effort to develop a low-cost, energy-efficient farming technique that makes growing food in parts of the world where it was not previously possible. Alternative sources of production are needed where environmental conditions make it extremely difficult to grow crops through traditional farming.

The success of this project may lay the foundation for a new form of agriculture that can be done without harming the environment. Check out the underwater farm in the video below.

Nemo’s Garden

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