Table Manners to Follow Around the World

If you are a world traveler you have stepped upon the right article. Being a tourist and eating in a different country can be a great experience if you follow the right etiquette. Some of them are really interesting and will surprise you. So get ready to follow these rules on your next visit to either of these countries.


Never order a cappuccino after your meal if you don’t want to be called a tourist. Instead get an expresso. According to Italians, milk hinders in digestion.


Make sure to leave your glass empty if you don’t want any more drink to be poured. If it isn’t empty they will just automatically pour more.

Warning: Also make sure you never clink beer glasses this tradition has been gone since the Hungarian revolution. But you are allowed to say cheers with any other drink!

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Never flip an entire fish after eating one side, as it is considered as a bad luck in China. Instead remove the bones completely if you want to turn to the other side.

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Don’t empty your plates entirely. Leave a little food on your plate as it is sign that indicates  your host has been generous.


Don’t ever eat until your elders have started and given you permission to eat. Don’t worry there is enough food for everyone.

United Kingdom

The Britains are very strict with their tea etiquette.  So make sure you impress them right with following these:

  1. Never leave your spoon in the cup
  2. While stirring never touch sides of your cup with the spoon.
  3. Place your spoon on your saucer, facing the same direction as the cup handle.

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