Terra Grass Armchair: Grow Your Own Garden Furniture Out of Grass


    With more and more products of everyday use turning Eco-friendly, it should come as no surprise to see our chairs and sofas turn completely green as well. The furniture we normally use takes a toll on the environment as it requires a lot of wood and there is a lot of work involved in assembling it as well. But things are about to change and this time for the better.

    The ‘Terra Grass Armchair’ by Studio Nucleo lets you grow your own furniture in your lawn or backyard. The grow-it-yourself kit comes with a set of flat perforated cardboard that users can put together to create the frame of the chair. The frame is then filled with a mixture of soil and non-compactable material, before grass seeds are scattered onto the surface.

    After a bit of watering and grooming, your armchair should be ready in a couple of months. The cardboard frames eventually bio-degrade into the soil over time. Unlike other furniture, you don’t have to pack it away at the end of the day or worry about damages, as it is born in your garden and becomes part of the landscape.

    See how you can grow this incredible armchair in the below video.

    Garden Chair Made of Grass

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    As Green as it Gets

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