Watch How These Adorable Kids React to Adults Dropping Their Wallets


What would one do if someone dropped their wallet and didn’t realize it? They can return it to the rightful owner, pocket it themselves or leave it to the owner to figure it out. Today, in many parts of the world, it is the children who remind adults on how easy it is to be good.

For the most part, Japanese society stresses being considerate and courteous, which no doubt makes Japan a great place to live. However, in certain situations those virtues can be taken to such extremes they actually end up contrary to their original sentiments. In rare instances that bit of well-meaning deference can get warped into not getting involved in other people’s affairs even when they’re clearly in a predicament.

The video, part of the “Cross Now!” initiative, created by Japan’s Red Cross Society not only demonstrates the honesty of the children but their willingness to do something Japanese adults may not: offer unsolicited help to a stranger. For adults, butting in to offer help might be considered rude.

In the below social experiment, mothers leave their young children standing by a bus stop before stepping away from the scene. An adult standing next to the child drops a wallet right in front of them. At first, the children seem hesitant and nervous and keep staring at the wallet, then at the person and back at the wallet again.

Eventually all the children summon enough courage to draw the attention of the owner and make sure that the wallet is back with them.

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