Watch this moving story of ‘what goes around comes around’

The simple phrase ‘what goes around comes around’ has roots that go back for centuries. Whether you approach this principle in a religious frame of mind, or simply as a rule to remind yourself to be kind and considerate in all of your deeds, there is no denying that it is an idea that helps us to be kinder, more peaceful and more environmentally friendly at every moment in our lives.
However, there is also a much wider significance to this idea of ‘what goes around comes around’. Though events may not seem connected, good fortune can be said to be a reward for our actions done many decades earlier or in previous births for those who believe in the oriental philosophy of reincarnation or rebirth.
As mentioned above, the idea of ‘what goes around comes around’ is central to the principle of karma. This can be read about in ancient Indian scriptures. Here we learn that this phrase can be applied to the idea of good deeds or bad deeds in one life influencing the type of life that we have in the next.
In general, this idea is a very useful one as it reminds us to be mindful of our actions and their consequences (both on ourselves and on others) at all times. And that can only be a very good thing.
Some people feel that a cosmic force is controlling human actions. Other people argue that there is no such thing.
In the video below is a moving story of a grandmother and her two grandchildren going to the supermarket. The children spot a birthday cake which they want to take home for their grandfather. But the grandmother says they can buy it some other time since she does not have the money. In steps a Good Samaritan who wants to gift them the cake.                                           
The grandmother wants to pay him back and asks him for his contact number. He scrawls something on a piece of paper and gives it to the little girl. The children give the grandfather the birthday cake and he wants to know how they could afford to buy it. The little girl gives the grandfather the note and he can’t hold back his tears when he reads it. He had given a similar note to a little boy many years back when he had gifted a cake which his mother could not afford to buy. The note reads ‘A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple that comes back to you’
In ancient China they believed ‘good is rewarded with good returns, and evil with bad returns’. Strictly speaking, what manifest in your life today is the karmic returns of whatever wrongs or good things you did in your previous lives. Sadly, in present day China, the Chinese Communist Regime does not believe in it. Families are separated and children are orphaned because their parents are killed for not willing to give up their faith in Falun Gong , an exercise and meditation practice that makes you a better person. They are killed alive for their organs which are put up for sale. Nowhere else in the world can anyone get an organ for transplant in less than 2 weeks. In China, you can because Falun Gong people are killed on demand.
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